Water Acquisitions and Change Approvals

WBRP’s core strategy involves the purchase and lease of water rights from willing sellers in the Basin.  After the water is purchased, it must be protected in the river to reliably increase instream flows to Walker Lake. Read more

Download a PDF file of the acquisitions table

Willing Seller Acquisitions

Before acquired water can flow to Walker Lake, the purpose and place of use have to be changed through a process that generally begins with the Nevada State Engineer and ends with final approvals by the federal Walker River Decree court. Once the various legal approvals are complete, the water will be protected permanently for the instream benefit of Walker River and Walker Lake.

WBRP has worked closely with the Walker River Paiute Tribe to finalize a lower Walker River conveyance agreement to ensure that acquired water flows efficiently instream through the Tribe’s reservation to Walker Lake while protecting the Tribe’s water  rights. Read more.

Since 2010, WBRP has expended approximately $75 million to acquire up to 40 percent of the water needed to restore and maintain Walker Lake.