Conservation and Stewardship

In addition to acquiring water rights, WBRP is working with many partners in the basin on water conservation, land management and revegetation efforts.

Returning Land to a Natural & Stable State

WBRP’s top land stewardship priorities include soil conservation and revegetation efforts on lands where water has been purchased.  This type of stewardship ensures that land from which water has been acquired does not create dust or weed problems.

leasingConservation and Stewardship Activities

WBRP works with many local entities on conservation and stewardship activities. A few highlights include:
•    City of Yerington: sediment removal at the Yerington Weir to to improve flows and reduce or minimize upstream flooding.

•    Mason Valley Conservation District and Smith Valley Conservation District:  revegetation projects in both Mason and Smith Valleys on retired farmlands associated with the WBRP.

•    Walker River Irrigation District: 2011 floodwater forbearance program, additional gaging, and a water lease program.

•    Farr West Engineering: designing and implementing projects to reduce sediment in the Walker River, especially around the Yerington Weir, and improve the river’s delivery efficiency.

Land Donated to the State of Nevada

Nearly 1,600 acres of upland and riparian land, including more than three miles of the Walker River was donated to the to the State of Nevada. This land is now part of the Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area and provides upland wildlife habitat in perpetuity as well as public access for hunting, fishing and general recreation.