Available Positions

Stewardship field manager

Job Purpose: Reporting to the Walker Basin Restoration Program Director, this position will be primarily responsible for successfully implementing the stewardship and land management plans developed with the staff ecologist. This position will be responsible for direction, coordination and management of a large field staff and will work closely with the staff ecologist(s) on adaptive management strategies to address ever changing field conditions. This position will play a fundamental role in the on the ground success of the Program.

Seasonal Stewardship Technician

Job Purpose: The Stewardship Technician will be responsible for supporting field operations of the Walker Basin Conservancy’s (WBC) Land Stewardship Program. This position will work with the Stewardship Coordinator and other staff to implement and monitor stewardship projects and property management activities and is expected to spend a significant amount of time in the field.

A knowledge of and interest in agricultural systems, experience operating large equipment, prior experience with irrigation systems, and an ability to work independently are essential.

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