Making an Impact in the Walker Basin

Impacting the lives of future generations.

The Walker Basin Conservancy’s AmeriCorps program gives AmeriCorps members the opportunity to make an impact that will last longer than their lifetime. AmeriCorps members will work with the Conservancy to accomplish restoration goals that benefit the Walker Basin—from the river’s headwaters down to the lake. AmeriCorps members will help the Conservancy address four main issues to accomplish our long-term goals.

The Member Experience


Walker Basin Conservancy has a culture of learning.

A culture of learning allows the Conservancy to make improvements that help us better accomplish our mission. The Conservancy provides AmeriCorps members with constant opportunities for self-improvement.

Members of the Conservancy’s AmeriCorps program will be provided with technical and professional training, enhancing their value to future employers.

Hands-on education about topics related to restoration.

Members will have the opportunity to learn about concepts related to restoration in the Walker Basin. Some of these concepts include invasive species control, arid land revegetation, recreational trail construction, and habitat restoration.

Develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Members will have the opportunity to develop and perfect skills that will serve them even after their time with the Conservancy ends. Several of these skills include plant identification, monitoring and data collection, and operating a variety of agriculture equipment.

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Grow as professionals. 

Members will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Walker River Basin, the mission of the conservancy, and how we can positively impact the environmental and economic well-being of our local communities. In addition to internal training opportunities, members will have the opportunity to serve directly with, and learn from, professionals in the environmental sciences, natural resource management, and agriculture.

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps consists of local, regional, and national organizations who are committed to using national service to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.  Through their service, AmeriCorps members gain valuable skills, along with quantifiable professional and educational benefits, and the experience has a lasting impact on the members and the communities they serve.

To learn more about AmeriCorps and National Service click here. 

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AmeriCorps Member Alumni List

We extend a big ‘thank you’ to all our AmeriCorps members who have completed service at Walker Basin Conservancy.

Between September 2018 and September 2019, approximately 21,000 hours were served by the 34 AmeriCorps members who successfully completed their full term of service**. These members earned a total of $79,450.18 in educational scholarships for their service.

Haeden Allbeck, PA*

Antonio Dominguez, NV

Skylar Easton, NV

Blake Ferrell, NC

Jacqueline Fries, NV

Hailey Gary, NV

Don Giuliano, NV

Oscar Vargas Guzman, NV

Damein Hernandez, NV

Isaiah Jackson, NV

Connor Jang, NV

Matthew Jasper, NV

Courtney Kratz, NV

Millenia Luna, NV

Ian Lupica, OH

Griffin Manzo, NV

Tara Marlow, IN*

Natashia Mathus-Vichi, OR

Megan McClellan, AR

Keith Meise, NJ*

Brandon Morris, NV*

Larry Montalvo, CA

Shannon Murphy, NC

Ethan Nelms, NV

Bodie Oberhansil, NV

Alejandro Palacios, NV

Nathan Rose, OR*

Broedi Schragl, NV*

Robert Suda, NY*

Caitlyn Sutherlin, KS*

Gerard Teichman, MA

Cullen Vukmer, VA*

Amy Wruck, CA*

*References a member who renewed for another term with Walker Basin Conservancy.

**The list of members and total hours served does not include members that left the program early.