When you donate to Walker Basin Conservancy, you are helping to restore and maintain Walker Lake, protect agricultural and environmental interests and expand recreational opportunities in the Walker Basin.

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Restoring Walker Lake

For decades, water drawn from the Walker River has sustained a strong agricultural economy in Walker Basin but produced an unintended consequence: a dramatically reduced amount of freshwater flowing to Walker Lake. Walker Lake is a natural desert terminal lake at the end of the Walker River. Through the Walker Basin Restoration Program, which is managed by WBC using federal grant funds awarded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), water from the Walker River is being acquired from willing sellers to help restore and maintain Walker Lake.

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Protect agricultural and environmental interests

Our partners within Walker Basin’s agricultural community are highly valued by WBC. The Walker Basin Restoration Program works in partnership with these local communities, private landowners, water managers, tribes and a variety of public agencies. The program legally protects water from Walker River to benefit Walker Lake.


Expand recreational interests

In what Governor Brian Sandoval called a “generational opportunity for Nevada,” the Walker Basin Restoration Program transfered 12,100 acres of land and 29.7 miles of East Walker River back to the State of Nevada during the summer of 2017. This land makes up the Walker River State Recreation Area; a state park for the people of Nevada.