Additional Resources:

Walker Basin Hydro Mapper: This mapping application developed by U.S. Geological Survey provides a basin-wide view of real-time streamflow as well as lake and reservoir storage capacity and stage for the Walker River Basin in Nevada and California.

Great Basin Land and Water Study: This report summarizes the efforts of a non-profit organization, Great Basin Land & Water, to advance the near-term prospects for acquiring water from willing sellers to serve as the principal means for increasing Walker Lake inflows via the voluntary, market-based recapture of previously-appropriated supplies

Conservation Assessment for Walker Lake: This assessment was produced by The Nature Conservancy in order to identify the key conservation targets that comprise Walker Lake’s ecosystem in addition to the current condition of, and stresses to, those targets and strategies to abate those stresses.

Walker Lake Fishery Report: This report was produced by the Nevada Department of Wildlife summarizing their efforts, in collaboration with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Walker River Paiute Tribe, to monitor stocking survival of Lahontan cutthroat trout and document the ecosystem’s response to increasing total dissolved solids.   

Walker River Basin Irrigation Diversions: This summary of historic surface water irrigation diversions within the Basin was produced by the Nevada Division of Water Planning.  

Walker Lake—Terminal Lake at the Brink: This article was published in Lakeline highlighting the history of Walker Lake, its related ecosystem, and the importance of conservation of this desert terminal lake.