The Walker Basin Conservancy (WBC) was established in 2014 to support development and implementation of the Walker Basin Restoration Program (WBRP). WBC was established to assist with land and water stewardship activities on properties associated with the WBRP.

WBC currently manages thousands of acres of land and associated assets in the Walker Basin. Land planning activities are underway on all of these properties. Planning efforts focus on assessing public use opportunities, protecting conservation values, long-term land ownership and stewardship, active and passive revegetation and restoration activities.

What is the Walker Basin Restoration Program?

The Walker Basin Restoration Program (WBRP) was established by Public Law 111-85 (2009) for the primary purpose of restoring and maintaining Walker Lake, and to protect agricultural, environmental and habitat interests in the Walker Basin consistent with that primary purpose.

WBRP works in partnership with local communities, private landowners, water managers, tribes, and a variety of public agencies. It supports voluntary sale and lease of water and related interests, as well as associated conservation, stewardship and research activities.

Many decades of reduced freshwater inflows have resulted in declines of the lake level and increases in lake salinity, which today threaten to cause its complete ecological collapse. The health of Walker Lake is critical to recovery of the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout, and the lake has long been an important stopover for common loons and other migratory waterfowl.