Established in 2014, the Walker Basin Conservancy (WBC) is leading the effort to restore and maintain Walker Lake while protecting agricultural, environmental and recreational interests in the Walker Basin.




Protecting agriculture interests through a variety of projects to help support and sustain the economic livelihoods of those who live and work in the basin.


Restoring and maintaining Walker Lake and protecting environmental and habitat interests throughout the entire Walker Basin.


Increasing public access and encouraging recreation from the Walker River headwaters to Walker Lake.     




News and Updates

February 21, 2018- WBC Job Announcements
WBC Announces Conservation Technician Positions
WBC Announces Conservation Maintenance Specialist Position

February 16, 2018- Pasture Lease at Sutter Ranch Q&A
Q&A Regarding Pasture Lease at Sutter Ranch

January 31, 2018- RFP Lease Agreement for Pasture Lease at Sutter Ranch
Notice Inviting Proposals for a Lease Agreement for Pasture Lease at Sutter Ranch, Lyon County

November 6, 2017- Walker River State Recreation Area FAQ
FAQ About Nevada's Newest State Park

October 2, 2017- WBC Announced Winner of GREENevada Award
GREENevada Announces Winners of the Golden Pinecone Sustainability Awards 2017

August 4, 2017-  Video: Native Seed Collection
Native Seed Collecting with the Leger Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno

July 19, 2017 - Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Press Release
Nevada receives donation of more than 12,000 acres for a new state park along the Walker River

July 18, 2017- Message from the Board
WBC Board's thank you for the collective work that made the Walker River State Recreation Area possible